The conference “On the verge of criticism”, organized by Universidad Europea of Madrid, (UEM) was curated by Ramiro Losada, Beatriz Villanueva and Francisco J. Casas. It began with a session about architectural criticism in new media, focusing on the audiovisual and the Internet. The format involved a historical introduction, followed by a short presentation by each participant, ending with a round-table discussion.

The second session of “On the verge of criticism” hosted by Universidad Europea de Madrid gathered more than 120 people who were interested in attending the round table discussion. Some hours before, one of the announced participants, Beatriz Colomina (Princeton University) had given a lecture to the students of the university yet this seemed to add rather than subtract audience members.

The third and last session of “On the verge of criticism” conferences hosted by Universidad Europea de Madrid changed venue and took place at the Roca Madrid Gallery on Monday 13th May with a very involved theme (the silence of criticism) that initiated an intense conversation, almost immediately, between the speakers and the audience.

Symposium 1: On the verge of criticism

Symposium 2: Missing manifiestos

Symposium 3: Silence and criticism

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