During the course we propose to work with two types of landscape:

- ARTIFICIAL LANDSCAPE: defined as the duality of nature and artifice, namely, natural landscapes built by humans and inserted into an urban tissue.

- HISTORICAL LANDSCAPE: defined as the sum of traditions, memory, culture, contained in a historic urban tissue.

During the First Quarter we will work on the construction of an ARTIFICIAL LANDSCAPE in the outskirts of Berlin, in the city of Braunschweig. We will use for this a scale approach going from the large scale associated with the territory and the physical environment to the small scale associated with architectural elements.

During the Second Quarter we will work in the context of a HISTORICAL LANDSCAPE, moving the workplace to the city of Havana. We will also use the scale approach going from the scale associated with the historic urban tissue to the small scale associated with the buildings. 

In association with each landscape we propose two course trips:

December: Berlín, Braunschweig >>> April: Habana.

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